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Our Carrierpro coated board is a product which main feature is its outstanding mechanical resistance and high sizing, therefore it is widely used for food and beverage packaging exposed to refrigeration. It is designed to mantain the package's integrity even in high moisture conditions over production, distribution and end-use.

Carrierboard para productos en refrigeración

Main features

  • 100% recycled pulp
  • High Sizing
  • Excellent stiffness
  • Three-ply Fourdrinier paper
  • Two-ply coating
  • High results for Müllen, Tensile and Tear
  • Kraft Back with very clean and natural look
  • Very resistant to punctures, compression or bumps
  • Available in sheets
  • 100% recyclable material


  • Six pack for cans or bottles subject to refrigeration
  • Micro corrugated boxes for bottles subject refrigeration
  • Folding cartons for food packaging subject refrigeration
  • Any high resistance application

Quality Control

Normas de inspección100% monitored through Cognex defect detection system, in order to avoid defects such as: coating debris, holes, wrinkles, calender marks.
Paper Machine 3:  Trim  130”

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